Witches Can Be Right. Giants Can Be Good. (siren_of_psych) wrote in noxcultus,
Witches Can Be Right. Giants Can Be Good.

Hello and is anyone up now?


I'm Noelle.

I'm a charge RN at a state psychiatric institution.

I work straight nights; 10 hour shifts. I LOVE it.

If anyone is up right now and wants to check on AIM or Yahoo, I have them both open.

I have been on sick leave for nearly two months and my first night back is tomorrow, so I am struggling to stay awake through tonight so I can get back on schedule for tomorrow.

I have played so many games of Solitaire that it's putting me to sleep and I think I've watched everything on youtube 3 times over.

HELP! Someone keep me awake!

I'm nambrose@mac.com on AIM and noelleambrose on Yahoo

I am not a freak. Well, I have a weird sense of humor, but I'm not a freak, other than the fact that I enjoy night shift.

Help! I'm fading fast!
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