two thousand (wanderingwidget) wrote in noxcultus,
two thousand

I give you the definition of suckitude:

I get up at one in the morning (after having reset my alarm clock twice), after having gone to bed at eight. I get ready for work. I go to work. I watch security cameras which have the misfortune to be posted outside. Thanks to the fucking weather (blinding fog) I end up marching my arse right back to my dorm, and I think that the fog got worse on the way.

Given what I do, I agreed that if the fog cleared within a reasonable time then they could call me back on in (I only work a three hour shift). 'Reasonable time' I assume to mean about an hour, so if the fog don't lift by three my arse is going back into bed for another four hours of sleep. On the one hand, I wanna get paid, on the other, I have a hard enough time staying awake when I've got something to freaking look at, staring at three white and one orange screen while a computer softly keeps time by ticking under my elbow? Not my idea of a good time, nope, not at all. I'm hoping that the weather doesn't repeat and that I can pick up the lost hours sometime this week.

And now, a half-hour of time to kill _-_ first, I shall play text-twist. Well, that lasted all of ten minutes _-_ next up: and destruct-o-match.

it is now after three, and i'm to bed, yo!
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