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interesting sitey sites:

webtoons of DOOM, where else can you find a series of shorts about a neurotic squirell and his goth-chick owner. Oh, and there's singing.

An incredibly disturbing... and very long (yes, long long long) how-to guide to killing for hire. I kid you not.

Simple rules and easy to use guidelines for doing some small but neat upgrades for your lj.

Broken Saints. A web-based flash series. Not too clear on the plot but I found it years ago. If you really like it they sell the whole thing (with voice actors) on DVD.

Local boys here, a web-comic called Mac-Hall, written by a student at my college. Lucky for me I don't live in his dorm, but the monkeys would be interesting...

And, as a finale: I give you a website devoted to... well... I'm not sure, but it makes for interesting reading. " is dedicated to bringing you the best user submitted content about scraping the bottom and being a general piece of shit." I give you... low brow ^^;

Have fun ^^
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