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possible roommate?

So, the widget is sitting in her dorm room and minding her own business watching Torque on Cinesmex when she hears a knock on her door. It's a soft knock, a hesitant knock, a very quiet and attempting to be non-intruding knock. The widget stands and checks the peephole. On the other side stand two girls, one very tall and just... big but not fat and one shorter smaller one. Both blonde. Widget answers the door.

Shortie clutches her spiral-bound notebook to her chest. She is dressed very nicely, and very conservatively, and her hair is very blonde. After hemming and hawing and asking if this was a bad time she finally speaks. "Uhm, are you looking for a roommate?" She asks.

The widget sighs and leans against the doorframe, kicks the door open wider to reveal the rest of the room. "Looking, no not really, but there's room in my room, you know."

"Oh." Says Shortie. She clutches the notebook tighter. "Well, I'm just looking to move onto the fourth floor and I'm looking at the rooms. You're not the only room that's empty and I haven't looked at all of them." She says.

We 'chat' and I inform her that I work from 2 to 5 am three days a week, and that this is not a good thing. Also that I'm getting maitenence to clean the dick off of my door on monday and that I have a lot of stuff and spend a lot of time in my room. We say our goodbyes and she heads off, after thanking me for being so nice to her. I informed her that they sent me a letter saying that I had to be nice, and she kept thanking me. Eventually she left, and I returned to my Torque, which had reached the climax. Very nice effects there.

The point of this entry, I don't know, but the scene was fresh in my mind and I felt like sharing. Aren't I special? At least she seems like a nice girl. Probably christian.
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