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working night shift at a cybercafe in toronto can be risky, don't depend on the cops saving your ass either.
Had a customer threaten to beat me up asking him to leave the store after catching him watching pornography (zero tollerance policy, and he'd been warned once with the info that normally there is no warning, we catch you, you're out, no refunds, rules are posted behind the front desk on the wall in big letters).
Things escalated, and we had to call the cops, used the non-emergency number because he wasn't violent yet, just swearing at myself and the other employee who was off shift and threatening to beat me up "before the cops or your friends get here" and refusing to get out of his chair (the machine had been turned off)
Cops called about an hour and a half later to ask if he was still there, he'd finally left after we reimbursed him half his night pass and finally got the idea across to him that uttering threats was illegal, and it was in our legal right to kick him out of the store, and when I told them I'd have to call emergency next time (things where very very close to escalating) her words where "Oh, that won't make a difference in how long it takes.)
So if you call 911 in trouble it'll take over an hour and a half for a cop to get there in the middle of the night less than 3 blocks from the cities largest police station? Bloody wonderful.

Worst of it all was he seemed dead sober, just big, dumb, and belidgerant.

Drunk people are ok, you can guess what they'll do, a sober aggressor is just freaking weird. People should know better.
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