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Hello and is anyone up now? [09 Dec 2006|02:29am]


I'm Noelle.

I'm a charge RN at a state psychiatric institution.

I work straight nights; 10 hour shifts. I LOVE it.

If anyone is up right now and wants to check on AIM or Yahoo, I have them both open.

I have been on sick leave for nearly two months and my first night back is tomorrow, so I am struggling to stay awake through tonight so I can get back on schedule for tomorrow.

I have played so many games of Solitaire that it's putting me to sleep and I think I've watched everything on youtube 3 times over.

HELP! Someone keep me awake!

I'm nambrose@mac.com on AIM and noelleambrose on Yahoo

I am not a freak. Well, I have a weird sense of humor, but I'm not a freak, other than the fact that I enjoy night shift.

Help! I'm fading fast!
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cross posted to the Night Shift [28 Feb 2006|04:38am]

working night shift at a cybercafe in toronto can be risky, don't depend on the cops saving your ass either.
Had a customer threaten to beat me up asking him to leave the store after catching him watching pornography (zero tollerance policy, and he'd been warned once with the info that normally there is no warning, we catch you, you're out, no refunds, rules are posted behind the front desk on the wall in big letters).
Things escalated, and we had to call the cops, used the non-emergency number because he wasn't violent yet, just swearing at myself and the other employee who was off shift and threatening to beat me up "before the cops or your friends get here" and refusing to get out of his chair (the machine had been turned off)
Cops called about an hour and a half later to ask if he was still there, he'd finally left after we reimbursed him half his night pass and finally got the idea across to him that uttering threats was illegal, and it was in our legal right to kick him out of the store, and when I told them I'd have to call emergency next time (things where very very close to escalating) her words where "Oh, that won't make a difference in how long it takes.)
So if you call 911 in trouble it'll take over an hour and a half for a cop to get there in the middle of the night less than 3 blocks from the cities largest police station? Bloody wonderful.

Worst of it all was he seemed dead sober, just big, dumb, and belidgerant.

Drunk people are ok, you can guess what they'll do, a sober aggressor is just freaking weird. People should know better.
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dark curtains [12 Jul 2005|03:32am]

found a load of black curtains in a car boot sale, 20p for the box, theres enough to curtain the entire house, never mind my room.

gaming update: fought Reala in NiGHTS into Dreams. almost killed the bastard. your time is up, you annoying... thingy...
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hiis this board still active? [10 Jul 2005|12:30am]

my name is tehexile, i'm kinda up all sorts of odd hours... i don;t sleep due to tiredness, i only sleep through being cold, in pain or prolonged silence or soothing music, or playing Nights Into Dreams on my saturn. when all of those wear off i wake up again. i dont really work the night shift- i cant concentrate on anything when i get like this- but my brain kinda thinks i am and i will dream i am if i manage to sleep.

...i'm off to play summoner on my mac.
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sometimes, the nightshift is lonely... [28 Feb 2005|02:41am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

So, my husband works the nightshift, so be default I am to a degree on it as well (I do want to see him, afterall, and he's more than just a roomate).

But sometimes, I feel so damn alone. I get up, I chat w/ him briefly as I make him som e food. He goes to work, and I have the cat and the radio to keep me company. Sometimes, I long for the interaction of the checker at the grocery store.

I don' think it bothers my hubby as much, he never had as active a social life as I did. I'm starting to feel pathetic and like I'm going to loose the varied social skills I've learned if I don't get to use them.

I don't have a car, but I could take the bus places with no problem. But at ngiht? Where would I go? Can I set up a whole new social circle from scratch?

Right now, I'm mostly just venting. :p

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new to the night shift [20 Feb 2005|06:09pm]

My hubby and I have been on night shift for about 3ish months (seems longer). I don't work, but I try to keep the shift so I can spend time with him and be on the same schedule. I don't like it thus far, and am kinda' having a hard time adjusting.

I'm glad this community is around, and I quite possibly will post random crap along with grumpiness and musing.
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random: [02 Feb 2005|06:39am]

[ mood | amused ]

Bolthouse Farms' Passion Fruit juice is the best thing ever, I swear. I could probably live off of this stuff... o.O given my current college-based diet, I probably actually am, and it's not that expensive, either. Not... really. Hmm.


And to make this vaguely interesting and having of a point:

Witness the complete and utter google induced Cuteness. Also, this is a very good thing for students.

In other news: I can't go sleepies until after four T_T but I don't want to do that anyways... really.

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I give you the definition of suckitude: [31 Jan 2005|03:10am]

I get up at one in the morning (after having reset my alarm clock twice), after having gone to bed at eight. I get ready for work. I go to work. I watch security cameras which have the misfortune to be posted outside. Thanks to the fucking weather (blinding fog) I end up marching my arse right back to my dorm, and I think that the fog got worse on the way.

Given what I do, I agreed that if the fog cleared within a reasonable time then they could call me back on in (I only work a three hour shift). 'Reasonable time' I assume to mean about an hour, so if the fog don't lift by three my arse is going back into bed for another four hours of sleep. On the one hand, I wanna get paid, on the other, I have a hard enough time staying awake when I've got something to freaking look at, staring at three white and one orange screen while a computer softly keeps time by ticking under my elbow? Not my idea of a good time, nope, not at all. I'm hoping that the weather doesn't repeat and that I can pick up the lost hours sometime this week.

And now, a half-hour of time to kill _-_ first, I shall play text-twist. Well, that lasted all of ten minutes _-_ next up: neopets.com and destruct-o-match.

it is now after three, and i'm to bed, yo!
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interesting sitey sites: [29 Jan 2005|10:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

webtoons of DOOM, where else can you find a series of shorts about a neurotic squirell and his goth-chick owner. Oh, and there's singing.

An incredibly disturbing... and very long (yes, long long long) how-to guide to killing for hire. I kid you not.

Simple rules and easy to use guidelines for doing some small but neat upgrades for your lj.

Broken Saints. A web-based flash series. Not too clear on the plot but I found it years ago. If you really like it they sell the whole thing (with voice actors) on DVD.

Local boys here, a web-comic called Mac-Hall, written by a student at my college. Lucky for me I don't live in his dorm, but the monkeys would be interesting...

And, as a finale: I give you a website devoted to... well... I'm not sure, but it makes for interesting reading. "Lowbrow.com is dedicated to bringing you the best user submitted content about scraping the bottom and being a general piece of shit." I give you... low brow ^^;

Have fun ^^

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possible roommate? [29 Jan 2005|08:01pm]

[ mood | _-_ ]

So, the widget is sitting in her dorm room and minding her own business watching Torque on Cinesmex when she hears a knock on her door. It's a soft knock, a hesitant knock, a very quiet and attempting to be non-intruding knock. The widget stands and checks the peephole. On the other side stand two girls, one very tall and just... big but not fat and one shorter smaller one. Both blonde. Widget answers the door.

Shortie clutches her spiral-bound notebook to her chest. She is dressed very nicely, and very conservatively, and her hair is very blonde. After hemming and hawing and asking if this was a bad time she finally speaks. "Uhm, are you looking for a roommate?" She asks.

The widget sighs and leans against the doorframe, kicks the door open wider to reveal the rest of the room. "Looking, no not really, but there's room in my room, you know."

"Oh." Says Shortie. She clutches the notebook tighter. "Well, I'm just looking to move onto the fourth floor and I'm looking at the rooms. You're not the only room that's empty and I haven't looked at all of them." She says.

We 'chat' and I inform her that I work from 2 to 5 am three days a week, and that this is not a good thing. Also that I'm getting maitenence to clean the dick off of my door on monday and that I have a lot of stuff and spend a lot of time in my room. We say our goodbyes and she heads off, after thanking me for being so nice to her. I informed her that they sent me a letter saying that I had to be nice, and she kept thanking me. Eventually she left, and I returned to my Torque, which had reached the climax. Very nice effects there.

The point of this entry, I don't know, but the scene was fresh in my mind and I felt like sharing. Aren't I special? At least she seems like a nice girl. Probably christian.

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test test test [29 Jan 2005|03:10pm]

testy posty likey
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